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June M. Smith and Dawn M. Reed

are available for Radio, Television, Internet, Print and Digital interviews.


1.  Aging Gracefully With Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly:  Including Ten Tips to Keep People Off Your Back

2.  Journey Into A Dark Past, Land of My Ancestors: Budapest, Vienna & Prague

3.  Changing Landscapes of Our Lives

4.  Scenes from a Summer House: the House that Waited

5.  Fear, Trembling & Renewal: Poems to Age With



As a writer, lawyer, educator, activist, mother, grandmother, and wife - Roth has a myriad of things to chat about.  Her quick wit and dynamic personality are sure to delight and entertain viewers and listeners alike.  Some of the topics she can easily speak about include:


Why being absentminded can be a positive thing.
Why older people don’t need to know what day of the week it is or what they had for breakfast.
Her top ten tips for keeping people off your back when they ask well-meaning but stupid questions.
How to avoid buying into the “decrepitude myth.”

How the category, "Silver Generation," was coined and what age group, or groups, it covers.
Everything you need to know about the Silver Generation, including its incredible potential and how it differs from generations that came before it.

The achievements gained by authoring AGING GRACEFULLY....

What makes this century "fascinating"!

What roles and influence reading and writing played  in being an author.

Why write?

What it was like growing up on the East Coast and what changes impressed her the most and why.


Norma Roth is the author of AGING GRACEFULLY WITH DIGNITY, INTEGRITY & SPUNK INTACT: Aging Defiantly. She holds a Master’s degree from Simmons College and a Juris Doctor degree from Suffolk Law School, both in Boston. 

Roth enjoys playing tennis, cross-country skiing, hiking, playing the piano and spending time with her grandchildren.


Inland Empire, California and nationwide by arrangement and via Skype and telephone.

CONTACT or drop us a line via our contact form.

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