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Meet June Smith and Dawn Reed

We started this business because we saw a need in our local community and we both had personal reasons to start a pet sitting and dog walking business.


Frist of all we are both animal lovers, says Co-Owner and CEO, June who has two portuguese water dogs while Dawn, her sister and Co-Owner and CFO has one portuguese water dog and one cat.

June has an affinity to retire her Accounting business and expand TBonesWalknWag business into a full day care once she secures property to host such a business.  She has always had a pet in her life but never had the experience or love she has for her current pet Holly.  She says We have a connection that is undescrible, she just get's me.  June never had children and finds having pets what she calls The next best thing.  Which is why she picked up another dog she calls Sox, who just so happens to be Fred's brother (Dawn's dog).

I am going into this business to provide a service that I would want for my pet when I can not be there, says Dawn.  I would like the pet owner to fill as if their pet is as comfortable as if they were still home.  

June M. Smith
Co-Owner & CEO
Dawn M. Reed
Co-Owner & CFO
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