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Planning to be away for a day or more?

No time to walk your friend?

Can't get to the groomers or vets?

We've got your pet care covered!  

All animals welcome!

Call us TODAY! 

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking in Corona and Norco in CA and Kingsport, TN

Why Walking?

Because it's what your dog needs to stay healthy and happy!


Big or small, young or old, your pet needs to be exercised daily.


While some breeds have special needs that have to be taken into account, they still need to take part in some form of daily physical activity. Without it, your pet will become bored, frustrated and unhealthy.


  • tones the muscles

  • stimulates the mind

  • assists in body functions


Anyone who has had a pet that suffers from lack of physical activity and mental stimulation will tell you that they will often turn to destructive behaviors - behaviors that will disappear once the pet is getting out everyday and being stimulated physically.

Thanks TBones Walkn Wag one happy dog because of you. D. Howe

Susie B. look into TBones Walkn Wag when you go on vacation! You’ll love them!

TBones Walkn Wag are the best dog care out there! C. Sypherd

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